Eighteen Candles

My name is Ann, and this is the first post about my real life!

Yesterday, I celebrated my 18th birthday with my family and my best friend, Abby. Technically I turned 18 on June 13th, but I was in Hawaii on a school trip.

For my birthday cake, I wanted a Boston cream pie. If you’ve never had a Boston cream pie before, you need to quit living under a rock and TRY some! The stuff is amazing. Not only do I enjoy eating it, I enjoy baking it as well. In fact, #23 of my 100 goals was to bake a Boston cream pie with my mother. So, that’s what we did yesterday:

Then,Abby, my mom, and I went to the Regal Arbor Cinema in Austin to see the movie, Away We Go. The movie was great. I really like John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph ( being a fan of both The Office and Saturday Night Live), and I thought both of them did a teriffic job. Furthermore, I found it to be creative, clever, unpredictable, and free of cliches. It definately wasn’t your run-of-the-mill, formulatic romantic comedy. I give it 4 starts out of 5.

Watch the trailer here.

Then, my mom, Abby, and I met up with my dad, sister, and brother at The Hula Hut. The Hula Hut is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant on Lake Travis, and it’s owned by the same company that owns Chuy’s and The Shady Grove. I had never been to The Hula Hut before, but I LOVED it!! The Hawaiian decor gave the place a cool, laid-back vibe, and the view of Lake Travis was beautiful. People would ride their boats up to the outdoor patio to come eat!

And, of course, the food was AMAZING. I got the macadamia-crusted Mahi Mahi (a fish so nice they named it twice…). Needless to say, it was REALLY good.

After the Mahi Mahi, I blew out 18 candles on my boston cream pie.

^Abby and I!

When I got back to my house, my parents gave me a present…

An awesome bag in my favorite color…purple!

I had a great day 🙂 It was definately a birthday celebration to remember!



Song of the day: Who Loves the Sun – The Velvet Underground


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