Ann, the INFJ

I just finished some homework for Japanese and Communications. For Communications, I had to take the Jung Typology Test. Apparantly, I’m an Initiative-Introvert type: INFJ.

“Succeeded by perseverance, originality, and desire to do whatever is needed or wanted. Put their best efforts into their work. Quietly forceful, conscientous, concerned for others. Respected for their firm principles. Likely to be honored and followed for their clear convictions as to how best to serve the common good.”

I agree what it says about being concerned for others. I’m not sure what being “quietly forceful” would mean, though.

I like having busy weekends; because I don’t like weekends at UNT. 30,000 people go to this school, 10,000 live on campus, and many of them clear out once the weekend comes. The Union is closed. I don’t have a car or anything, so I just stay on the deserted campus. Sometimes it gets uber-boring.

This weekend, though, wasn’t dull. Saturday there was a football game, and I of course went with the band. We were playing Middle Tennessee, and we lost 😦 Halftime was fun though. We were able to march our first movement of our show, “Yellow Bricks”. The first movement is “No One Mourns the Wicked”.

I think a drill tech was on the field snapping photos, because I got tagged in these on facebook:

It was also family weekend, and my mom, dad, brother, and sister came up on Saturday. I enjoyed seeing all of them 🙂 My mom brought me my dad’s copy of  Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I’m looking forward to reading this, though it’s going to take me a LONG time most likely, since I’m a slow reader and the copy of Atlas Shrugged that I have is 1,074 pages.
Plus…I need to finish the books I’m currently reading: Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller and Thinking Differently by Alain Touraine. There are also two books that I bought and have not read yet…Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg and Quiverfull: Inside the Christian Patriarchy Movement by Kathryn Joyce. Aggghhh…so many books, so little time!!

After going three whole days without a functioning cell phone, I recieved a new one today! It’s another Motorola Razor, but it’s black. The number is the same as my old one.

This past week I saw two movies, Love Happens and Pandorum. Neither were all that good in my opinion…but I saw trailers for a few movies that look pretty good:
10/02 – Zombieland, Whip It
10/16 – Where the Wild Things Are
11/06 – The Box, The Men Who Stare at Goats
11/13 – Pirate Radio
12/11 – The Lovely Bones
12/25 – Sherlock Holmes

That’s about it for now 😀

Peace Out,


Song of the day: Laconia by Christina Courtin


One thought on “Ann, the INFJ

  1. I read Atlas Shrugged, it’s a great book. Also, you should see ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ if you haven’t, it was better than I thought it would be… Lots of the humor is hidden. 😛

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