Goings On…

I was recently involved in two films. I helped create, as well as act in a short film, Deadline, for the 48 Hours of Hell film festival. It was really fun to make. If you watch it, you should also watch the blooper reel. I also acted in another short film, First Day of My Life. Hopefully I will be creating many more films soon 😀

Deadline still

I bought some new music off of iTunes, most notably It’s Blitz! by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Fleet Foxes by Fleet Foxes. I listen to both of these albums while I study. I would highly recommend both on them. I bought the extended version of It’s Blitz!, and I’m glad I did because it includes acoustic versions of a few of the songs that are very good. Fleet Foxes are interesting, because they sing about things like pheasants, and mountains, and quiet houses, but the songs are still exciting (in my opinion at least).

I think I have my schedule for next year figured out…RTVF 1310 (Perspectives on Radio and Television), RTVF 1320 (Intro. to Film Studies), GEOL 1610 (Geology), ENGL 1320 (College Writing II), and PHED 1230-504 (Aerobic Dance..hahahahahahaha XD). That’s about 14 hours, I think. I’m probably going to have to take some classes over the summer. I declared a minor a couple of weeks ago, Leadership of Community and Nonprofit Organizations. I still don’t know if I would rather minor in Sociology though. Decisions, decisions.

10-31-09 237

10-31-09 27910-31-09 29010-31-09 282(I still drink way too much coffee…& I only go to Big Mike’s)

10-31-09 289

I had a good Halloween. It consisted of me hanging out with friends, meeting some cool people, getting some free food, and buying a Sham-Wow.

10-31-09 322resizedThat’s about it.



Top 10 Facts about Candy:

10. Wondering why chocolate melts in your mouth? It’s because the melting point of cocoa butter is just below 98.6 degrees, the human body temperature.
9. When they were first created, gummy bears were named “dancing bears.”
8. The Snickers bar, created in 1929, was named after the inventor’s family horse.
7. The biggest lollipop ever produced was roughly 18.9 inches thick, weighed 4,031 lbs, and measured more than 15 feet tall, stick included.
6. Kit Kats were originally introduced in the UK as “Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp.”
5. When it was first produced in 1932, Three Musketeers was a package of three pieces of candy nougat – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.
4. William H. Luden, best known for inventing his namesake cough drops, was also the inventor of the 5th Avenue Bar.
3. Roughly 35 million pounds – about 9 billion pieces – of candy corn are produced each year. If you laid this amount of candy corn end-to-end, in would wrap around the moon nearly 21 times!
2. Younger children as less partial to chocolate than their older compatriots. Fifty-nine percent of 9-11 year-olds prefer chocolate, while only 46 percent of 6-8 year-olds call it their favorite.
1. For some odd reason, houses with black shutters are 77 percent more likely to give out Kit Kat bars to trick or treaters.

Song of the Day: Soft Shock by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs


One thought on “Goings On…

  1. That was a beautiful poem, kind of “sorrowful”. Love your pictures. I love seeing pictures of the UNT campus. They look familiar. I think Denton may have a few more Fall colors than Round Rock.

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