An actual post

ZOMG IT’S DECEMBER!!!!!!!11one

In recent days I…

  • had a pretty good Thanksgiving. I was able to see many relatives that I don’t see all that often. I also ate some good food. Pumpkin pie is enough to make me happy.
  • have discovered a heap of new music. Arcade Fire, Showbread, the first album of The Shins which I had never really listened to all that much, Tom Waits (LOVE), and Kitty, Daisy & Lewis.
  • may be going to CPAC with the North Texas College Republicans. We’ll see… I really just want to see Ron Paul (I’m a Libertarian). Plus I haven’t been to DC since I was thirteen. It would be nice to visit again.
  • registered for my classes. I got every class I wanted. I’m going to be taking two classes within my major (this semester I wasn’t able to take any :/) AND I won’t have classes on Friday. Amazing. I’m hoping that I will finally have time to volunteer at NTTV or KNTU 88.1 The One.
  • marching season is over, and I am done with marching band for the rest of my life (i think…).
  • recieved a copy of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species from a friend of mine who, oddly enough, recieved it from some street preachers who were on campus a couple weeks ago.
  • read Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality by Donald Miller. Great book. This book and Velvet Elvis: Repainting the Christian Faith by Rob Bell are favorites of mine for illustrating how the church is still relevant and resonant in Western culture.
  • went back to work at my old job at Cinemark 14 over the Thanksgiving break. I was pleased to find that not much has changed…except that the concession prices have gone up 😛
  • found an awesome website…
  • saw The Men Who Stare at Goats. Interesting movie. I want to read the book now. I also saw 2012. I didn’t like that one too much; way too much death and peril for me. Plus, THE WORLD IS NOT ENDING IN 2012!!
  • checked my mail to discover that I had recieved the newest issue of Young American Revolution, featuring articles about “Marxist America”. Can’t wait to read the whole thing from cover to cover. EXCELLENT.

That’s all I got.



Song du jour: Tell the World by Vivian Girls


One thought on “An actual post

  1. Hey Ann. Loved your commentary. I recognize that picture of Santa, it’s from that house near the old part of town. It would make a great Christmas card! I do want to read Blue like Jazz and Velvet Elvis. Did you see those movies at the RR Cinemark? Also I love the picture of the dude reading the Book of Mormon. LOL.
    TTYL, Mom

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