Whataburger, Exams, & Coffee Clubs

My AWESOME roommate, Ali, celebrated her birthday this past Thursday. She is now nineteen years of age. Happy birthday, Ali (again)!! The above pic is of a cookie cake, given to Ali by yours truly. It was DELICIOUS. That night Ali, our friend Stuart, a few other people, and I went to Whataburger around 2 in the morning. Ali is from Wisconsin, and had never been. So she got an awesome present, in my opinion: her first late-night excursion to Whataburger. Let me just say that you haven’t been to Whataburger until you’ve been in the VERY early hours of the morning. That is probably one of my favorite activities nowadays.

Anyway…I took my COMM 1010 final exam this morning. It went very well. I was only slightly irked that I had to get up in time for an 8:30 am test on a Saturday morning. …C’est la vie, I suppose. Monday I have my Japanese exam, and then I’m done as far as exams go. I only have to write a 3-5 page paper for Sociology and a 2 page paper for English. Almost done with this semester :0

When I got back from the exam this morning, I watched Repo Man. Emilio Esteves is such a badass. Then, I fell asleep. I was asleep from probably about 11:00 to 2:30.

Out of boredom, and an enthusiasm for coffee, I signed up for the Gevalia Coffee Club. My first shipment came earlier this week. Today I brewed coffee for the first time that DIDN’T suck. That is a first. It took me a while but I figured it out eventually. Still, when I get home my best friend Abby, who used to be a barista, is going to help me master my coffee-brewing skills.

I took the above pic when coming out of Willis Library on Wednesday night. The sunset was really pretty. My camera phone pic doesn’t do it justice :/

I heard that my alma mater, Stony Point High School, was defeated in a playoff football game today 😦 You’ll get them next time, Tigers.

Oh yeah…my friend Justin wanted me to mention him in this post so here it is 😛 Watch his youtube channel, that would make him happy 😀



Song of the Day: I Saw the Bright Shinies – The Octopus Project


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