Goodbye, January

After typing this entry I have realized that there is no real order to it; It’s just whatever comes to my head that I feel is worthy of blogging.

Random tidbit of news I heard on NPR: Apparently the Pope is encouraging other priests to start blogging

I recieved a webcam for Christmas from my best friend, Abby. So now I can Skype!! Here is a pic I took of myself, in which I am attempting to look cool:

I only made one resolution this year: to stop complaining. I complain a lot. Well, I used to anyway XP I’m also trying…REALLY trying…to kick my homesickness. I only live MAYBE three hours away from home, for crying out loud!

I have started classes here at the University of North Texas again. They are going pretty well so far, even though it has only been two weeks.  I don’t have classes on Fridays 😀 this could be good OR bad, it’s too early to tell…

I will officially be going to Washington, DC for CPAC with the UNT College Republicans!! I wrote on here in an earlier post that I didn’t know if I was going or not. Well I’m officialy going now, and I’m so excited! Yesterday we spent about six hours block-walking for a candidate running for Congress in District 17. We earned $990 as a group that will go toward our trip!! It was tiring walking so far and really, really, really cold, but I’m so glad we were able to earn that money so that the cost of our trip will be lower.

I’m hoping Februrary will be a good month. Abby turns 19 on the 8th! & of course there’s the Superbowl (Geaux Saints!!)…Valentine’s Day (not that anything good ever happens on that day, anyway)…The Thin Line Film Festival…CPAC…The Academy Awards…probably more that I am forgetting…

Peace out, everyone. Have a great Februrary.


Song of the Day: New Resolution – Heartless Bastards


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