Have you ever spent a good bit of time thinking about past events? Today I came across my old Xanga blog that I had started when I was 13, and updated until I was 16-ish. I found some entries that made me laugh. The parts that I found especially funny are bolded.

“Today was registration for school. It was ok, except I think it could have been more organized. The lines for everything were very long. I have to wait 45 minutes just to get my books! What made it worse was that I am a pretty impatient person, haha. Oh well. I got my schedule, and I am pretty pleased with it. All my AP classes are on one day, which will probably be an adventure, but I hope it works out ok and I don’t get overloaded. I actually like how my schedule worked out because all my english/history classes are on A day and all my science/math classes are on B day. That way, I can be in the same mindset all day instead of having to use different parts of my brain, haha.

But anyway…band has been going on, as usual. I’m still constantly up at the school. Sedatole told the drum majors that instead of wearing cloth gloves (like everyone else) we have to wear golf gloves. Apparently you can clap better in golf gloves, whereas cloth gloves absorb the sound when you try to clap. So yesterday, I began my journey to try to find golf gloves.

First, I went to the obvious place to look: Academy Sports & Outdoors. When I got there, I found some that looked good and were a pretty good price range. I was about to buy them when I realized there was only 1 glove in the package, the left glove. I went back and tried to find a package with both hands in it, but there weren’t any. So I asked this guy who worked there if they sold any pairs of gloves, but they don’t. Apparently, they only sell golf gloves one at a time *shrugs*. I kept looking again and found some right and left handed gloves (sold seperately), but they were really expensive and would have costed about $40.00!! I wasn’t about to spend that much (I’m a bargain hunter) so I left.

Next, I tried to think of another sporting goods store. I remembered The Sportsman’s Warehouse in that shopping center that has Target in it, so I decided to go there. But as soon as I went in there, I realized it was not the kind of sporting goods store where I would find golf gloves. All they had were hunting and fishing supplies, and a bunch of cameo print stuff. It was kind of scary, actually; It was very disorganized, smelled like cigarette smoke, and there were a bunch of stuffed deer heads hanging up on the wall. I felt very out of place, and even more so when I realized that I was carrying my bag which reads “I oppose animal testing…Support community trade…Support self-esteem…Defend human rights”. I turned to leave, but this guy who worked there (who looked like Larry the Cable Guy) walked up to me and asked “Do you need help finding something?” I think he could tell that I was very lost. “Yes, I’m looking for golf supplies.” I told him, “Well, we have golf balls, golf tees, and golf bags…but they’re cameo and I doubt that’s what you’re looking for.” I couldn’t believe they even had cameo golf bags. “Yeah, I need golf gloves.” I told him. “We don’t have those here, but there’s a golf store in the group of stores across the street.” Then I remembered what he was talking about, so I told him thanks and left there ASAP.

I got to the store he was talking about, it’s called Edwin Watts Golf. I was afraid it was going to be expensive, but it was actually quite affordable (I got two for $20.00!) and the people at the store were very nice and helped me find what I was looking for.

Thus ends my story about how I found my golf gloves, haha.

That’s it for now :)”

——- I sure am glad that I eat meat now. Just sayin’.

“Today, for some reason, I was reminded of two events from my early childhood. And, for some reason, I felt compelled to write about them. So here they are;

1. The first one is from when I was in the first grade and still lived in Grapevine, TX. It was during lunch at school (remember in elementary school when the whole class had to sit together?). It was after Easter, you know, when everyone brings their Easter candy to school. Same thing after Halloween. But anyway, my friend Shannon had recieved this M&M-person-figure-thing that was dressed like an Easter bunny, and when you opened it there was a bag of M&M’s. But it wasn’t a regular bag, it was this plastic bag that was hard to open. She passed it around the table and for the most part NOBODY could get that stupid bag to even tear in the slightest bit. So when it got to me, I was determined that I would finally get the bag OPEN. I summoned up all the strength a 6-year-old can muster and pulled at the bag with all my might. And it did open. Well, more like it violently ripped apart. M&M’s flew everywhere. I remember my classemates jumping and diving, trying to catch some to make their bland cafeteria lunches less boring. It surprises me how greedy little kids can be. “Forget that these are Shannon’s…it’s raining M&M’s!!” But I’m not going to act like I didn’t take part in it…hehe. Surprisingly enough, Shannon didn’t seem too mad at my clumsiness.

2. The second one is thanks to my dad. My dad is a very unique person. When I was, again, about 6, he was watching this movie called “The Dark Crystal”, and I came and sat down and watched it with him. It remains to this day THE absolute weirdest, creepiest movie I have ever seen. It’s pretty trippy. I was about to say trippier than Pink Floyd’s “The Wall”, but as I was considering it, I decided that “The Wall” is EXTREMELY trippy and although “The Dark Crystal” is weird, I don’t think it’s quite as trippy as “The Wall”. It’s definately up there, though. Anyway…I’ve only seen it once, but I still vividly remember a few parts of it. It was created by Jim Henson, AKA the guy who invented “The Muppets”. But this film is far from “The Muppets”. Sure, there were puppet-like “things”, but they resemble Kermit the Frog in no way whatsoever. I can literally remember watching it with my dad, thinking “What IS this?!” I guess I just don’t apprectiate the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre as much as my dad does *shrugs*.

SO…I know those two memories of mine were kind of random, but (like I said before), I felt compelled to write them.


——-“The Dark Crustal” is still the creepiest movie I have ever seen.  No contest. Thanks Dad.

“If I learned one thing from visiting Chicago and Indianapolis this spring break, it’s this: I never want to live in the midwest. I’m not saying the midwest isn’t a good place to live; I’m just saying that, after having been Texas born and Texas raised, being up north made me feel a bit like a fish out of water. Plus…the “Mexican food” sucked (no offense).

My visit to Chicago and Indianapolis probably would have been more enjoyable if I had been in good health the whole time. For about 2 days I had strep, and was confined to my hotel room. It absolutely sucked. And to make matters worse…there was all sorts of drama going on, all throughout the band. I know you can’t have a high school band without drama, but…this was just ridiculous! I mean, I have to draw the line at some point!

——- I stand by what I said. I visited Chicago again in 2008 – the midst of the Presidential electi0ns – and it was saturated with Obama campaign paraphernalia everywhere you turned.

“We all used to joke about how a crocodile (or some animal) was going to kill him. Well…it did. And I feel kind of bad. I mean, sure, he might have been a bit…er…unsafe (to put it lightly) around extremely dangerous animals; but he was an animal enthusiast and was just doing what he loved best. I can remember watching animal planet when I was 8 or 9 and thinking “Crocodile Hunter” was about the coolest show ever. Where else could you see people wrestling crocodiles with their bare hands, or getting 3 inches away from a venomous snake’s face? Not at your local zoo, that’s for sure. Steve Irwin dared to break all the common-sense safety rules to show people around the world just what happened when you broke them- nature uncut, unleashed, untamed, and un-sugarcoated. Try seeing that on “The Jeff Corwin Experience”(cheap Crocodile Hunter rip-off also on Animal Planet).

So for this, I say:

Rest in Peace, Steve Irwin


Soon, I’ll write an entry in which I discuss what I’ve been up to recently.

Peace and Love,


Song of the Day: Elenore – The Turtles


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