The end of the beginning of summer

From top left to right: My brother and I after watching my cousin graduate; The collage I made; A piece of delicious peach pie made by my mother; Suzanne, Alex, and I after seeing the crappy Prince of Persia but having fun nonetheless; “Aw man, didja HAVE to wake me up NOW, Ann?!”; I love my dog.


My three weeks of being at home are almost up. I feel like, all things considered, I have had a very productive three weeks. I was probably more productive these three weeks than I have been in a long time. Here are some things I accomplished:

  • Applied for 4 jobs.
  • Took care of my dorm room change request for the fall.
  • Went through a lot of my stuff from my dorm room and many of my clothes and did some MAJOR purging of unwanted items.
  • Sold some of my clothes.
  • Made some extra cash even though I’m not officially employed.
  • Read a whole book.
  • Saw my cousin graduate.
  • Worked out quite a bit.
  • Baked something new…”Choco-chunky banana bread” I mailed a loaf to Tyler and he liked it. So thankfully, my baking experience was a success! As well as my first attempt at mailing a baked good.
  • Made a collage (I feel kind of lame for doing this, but I was feeling extra crafty for a couple days).
  • Attended the church I grew up in and also visited a new church.
  • Saw many of my friends!
  • Had a five-hour phone conversation. A new record, for sure.

It’s exciting to think that this is only the beginning of my summer.

Ron Johnson for Senate

I recently learned of a candidate running for senate in Wisconsin. His name is Ron Johnson. He has no experience in politics and is the CEO of a major plastic manufacturing company. This information about him intrigued me – I seem to like politicians more if they haven’t always had a career as a politician. Apparently, he is expected to obtain the Wisconsin GOP nomination for senate. I learned more about him by watching videos, reading articles, and following him on twitter. I have liked what I have been discovering about him so far. I would like to donate money to his campaign, but I’m not sure if I know enough about him yet. …Any thoughts?

An Inconvenient Break-Up

I’m a Republican, but when I heard the news of Al and Tipper Gore separating I got kind of sad…well, really, hearing of just about any break up makes me kind of sad. But jeeze, Al and Tipper were married for 40 years. They have been through a lot. You’d think that if a couple was together that long, they would have weathered some pretty rough storms together and would be willing to work through whatever else came their way. However, as an unmarried young adult I can pretty much say that I have no idea what it’s like…

Al and Tipper 4ever.

And now I would like to quote Elwood at the end of The Blues Brothers. One of my favorite quotes ever: “…And please remember, people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive, and survive, there are still certain things that make us all the same. You. Me. Them. Everybody. Everybody.”

Democrat…Republican…Independent…Libertarian…Nader-voter…apathetic…Socialist…Branch Davidian…Ninja…

No matter what or who you are, there are still certain things that make us all the same. And the things that unite us are more numerous than the things that divide us.

Ok, now I just sound sappy…so I’ll spare you any of my other thoughts.

Peace and Love,


Song of the Day: In the Sun by She & Him


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