Again, it has been too long since I’ve written a new post for this blog. I’d like to make a better effort to write in here from now on, because I really enjoy it ūüôā

Life has been pretty usual – in a good way, of course. Realistically, everybody’s lives have highs and lows. Mine is no different. This summer I’ve had many highs, but a good share of lows as well. I’m thankful for the joyous, fun, happy experiences. The gloomy times are inevitable, but being so makes them¬†no¬†more bearable. I have to have faith that frustrating/troubling experiences are God humbling me and putting me in my place. He’s always there; unfortunately¬†it’s easy to forget that.

Yesterday, I read a magazine article about Psalm 188:24

“This is the day that the LORD has made;

Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

“This” day means TODAY. No matter what the situation is…rejoice! Easier said than done, I well know. If you’re frustrated, I feel ya.¬† Hopefully I can be more thankful and joyous on a daily basis. I would like to learn how to. This is going to be a process, probably a lifelong one…


You may or may not have noticed, but M&Ms have come out with a new variety of the chocolate candy: Coconut M&Ms. My friends and I first noticed these at a gas station a few months ago. Some of us thought they sounded kind of gross, but one of us bought a package. We all tried a couple, and I found them to be surprisingly good. Then one day at work, a girl I work with was eating some Coconut M&Ms and made some comment about the probability of the candy tasting good in cookies.

The notion of Coconut M&M cookies stuck in my mind and stayed there.

Soon after, I made the executive decision to bake Coconut M&M cookies into reality. I bing‘ed “coconut cookies” and found this recipe¬†for chewy coconut cookies. It seemed simple enough. Tyler and I then went to Target for the ingredients; and during our excursion I scoured the entire grocery section of the¬†desperately seeking, but not finding, coconut flakes. I finally found them in a somewhat obvious place (right next to the chocolate chips) and felt kind of dumb. [interesting side note…we were at the very Target that Miss USA 1992¬†tried to rob a few days ago!]

We then went to QT, a gas station, for the Coconut M&Ms (since they are new and “limited edition” they are not sold in bulk). I bought about eight packets of the Coconut M&Ms, explaining to the cashier “Uhhh…I’m making cookies, that’s why I’m buying so many,” in order to avoid seeming like a girl trying to drown her sorrows in chocolate by consuming eight packets of Coconut M&Ms. “Sounds good!” was the reply that I got.

My baking pursuit was then shelved for a few weeks. Literally – the (non-perishable)¬†ingredients sat on¬†a shelf in my dorm’s kitchenette¬†for about a month. Life got in the way of the cookies’ baking. Then, this past weekend, I realized my opportunity to finally make them.

Tyler and I spent about an hour putting them together and then baking them. I followed the directions pretty much word-for-word; even the part that said to spoon the dough onto an “ungreased cookie sheet.”

Never. Do. This.

When the cookies came out of the oven, they looked and smelled delicious. But, they were practically cemented to the ungreased¬†cookie sheet. Tyler scraped them off in pieces with a metal spatula, which looked laborous. More laborous than any cookies should be worth (thanks, Tyler!). The fragments of cookies were tasty, yes. But¬†the sight of¬†the cookie fragment in my hand made me feel slightly¬†frustrated. There was still a bit of dough left in the bowl, so I sprayed a cookie sheet with a crapload of cooking spray before I put the dough on. So luckily, we had five cookies that came out correctly ūüôā

I’ve learned the value of cooking spray after this baking endeavour


Tyler and I also went to a town hall meeting featuring our Congressman, Michael Burgess. I found it incredibly interesting and informative, and I would encourage anyone to attend their local town hall meetings if they get the chance. I also wish more young people were involved with politics. At every¬†political event I go to, the median age of those in attendance is probably 55-60. Seriously. Our parents and grandparents will not always be¬†involved with¬†government, people! And I honestly, for the most part, don’t care which party you’re affiliated with. Do some research and decide where you stand on issues, and maybe you’ll get a sense of what your political ideology is (I would recommend the Republican party, but of course that is a biased opinion¬†:P). Join a group and then get active!!

Ok, I’ll¬†leave¬†the¬†pulpit now.


Chances are, I’m changing my major. I want to either be an English-Political Science double-major or an English major with a Political Science minor. I hope to have a career that involves a lot of writing. I’m also considering obtaining a paralegal degree and working as a paralegal in a law firm one day; since I learned the positive projections for the paralegal profession in the coming years (that sentence¬†contained quite a bit of alliteration. Dr. Seuss would be proud, no doubt. See,¬†I AM destined to be an English major!).


I hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer, and finds opportunities to rejoice daily. Don’t let the seemingly mundane get you down. You have to apprectiate the little things ūüôā

Love and Peace,


Song of the Day: Changes – David Bowie


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