Photo Update

What kind of blog entry would this be without a food pic? Chicken Salad sandwich from Banter Denton.

Peanut Butter M&M’s. Pretty colors. I can be easily amused, when the opportunity strikes.

The commencement of the fall semester is upon us. Again, I am guilty for not updating what has been going on in my life. Well, here’s a blog entry doing just that.

Tyler and I took an escapade to my hometown of Round Rock, Texas one weekend in July.

We went to downtown Round Rock. The Palm House museum was closed 😦 It has some cool relics and antiquities from Round Rock way back in the day.

The Palm House museum from the front.

Old southern mansion off of Main Street. Beautiful.

Front gate to the mansion.

Some iced green tea from Friar Tuck’s. This cafe makes me feel like I’m in Wee Britian (an Arrested Development reference…).

The city is called “Round Rock” for a reason. This is THE Round Rock.

Quick trip into Austin. This is Tyler in Waterloo Records.


The sign outside of Amy’s Ice Cream.

The Lawless Walrus.

Two photos I took of graffiti in Denton:

Who is Robert Nemoris?

This reminded me of Harry Potter.


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