Coming back down to Earth

Moving On

The week of September 22 and the week of September 29, ending with this past Friday, were what I called “The Weeks from Hell.” I won’t go into what made those weeks so terrible too much, because I don’t want this post to be a downer. The gist of what happened was that I was bombarded with many assignments/tests/events/etc. that all, quite literally, hit me at once. My allergies were also killing me during that first week, making me feel like the walking dead. Thankfully I was able to turn in every assignment, go to (most of) the events, and most importantly…keep hold of my sanity 😛

Now, I am basically ecstatic that everything I was stressting over is done with, and I made it through!!

I’m glad to be able to move on.

Campaigning and Lucky Dogs

Yesterday, a group of us from College Republicans went to Burleson to campaign for the Bill Flores for Congress campaign. To all my friends living in the 17th district (which includes Waco and College Station): you should VOTE for this guy to be your new Congressman! He’s awesome! Denton isn’t even in his district, but us CRs have campaigned for him a lot nonetheless.

Anyway…we were blockwalking, which is basically walking around a neighborhood, knocking on doors, reminding people to vote, giving them literature, etc. The four of us were riding in my car, and I was driving us around. Toward the end of our blockwalking, a dog ran up to my car. It got very close to the point where I couldn’t see it, so I stopped the car and got out to move it out of the street. He ran up to me and jumped up like he wanted me to pick him up.

I picked him up and went to the house we were closest to, thinking that he may have come from there. But the people in that house weren’t his owners. They said he belonged to some people on the street behind him.

After calling the number to the vet’s office on his collar, we found out that he was a pomeranian named “Lucky,” and that his owners did indeed live right behind the house that I originally tried to take him back to.

Thus, we successfully returned Lucky back to his owners. The rest of our blockwalking went well 🙂

Mellow Mushroom

After campaigning, we went to a really good pizza place in Fort Worth called “The Mellow Mushroom.” Tyler and I got a pizza called “Kosmic Karma” that was really good.

Afterward, we posed with a psychedelically-painted cow.

Fort Worth, Texas is becoming one of my favorite places in the world.


I’ll admit it: when I get stressed (really…really…really stressed), attention to my health pretty much goes out the window. This is what happened to me in these past two weeks. I got very little exercise, though I’m surprised I found time in there to cram a couple workouts in. And as far as eating goes…umm…yeah…you can probably guess.

So now that I’m not stressing every second, I am getting back to paying attention my health. It is one of my goals, after all.

While shopping at The Cupboard (the greatest health food store in Denton), I noticed that they sold wheatgrass juice. I remembered hearing about how wheatgrass juice apparently does a body good. I researched it later that day, and decided to try some for myself. This past Friday, I went back to The Cupboard and tried a wheatgrass shot.

In case you were wondering, wheatgrass juice is as appetising as it looks. After drinking this shot, I tweeted: “I definitely just drank a shot of wheatgrass juice for the nutrients…NOT the taste :P”

So now that the package of oreos in my pantry is completely eaten (thanks to myself AND my roommate, haha), I’m back to attempting to be a health nut.

So although the latter part of September was hectic to say the least, things are chilling out now and I’m feeling much better already 🙂

Peace and Love,


Song of the Day: The Air We Breathe by Figurines

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.” – 1 Peter 1:3


One thought on “Coming back down to Earth

  1. Surviving is what it’s all about, perseverance builds character. I hope Snoops and McDuff have the same happy ending as Lucky did. The wheatgrass juice looks like when Roxi throws up. But hey, if its good for you . . . You are more brave than I am.

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