This past election day was the first one in which I could vote; which, for me, was a pretty big deal. When given the choice between an electronic or paper ballot, I decided to go old-school and use paper. I was given the universally (almost) recognizable “I Voted” sticker.

Everyone I voted for at the local level won. I’m pleased but not too surprised, because Denton County is probably one of the most conservative counties in the US.

And yes…like every other Republican, I am grinning at the results of the mid-term elections in races nationwide 😀 Taking back the house is definately something to grin at.

I was particularly happy about the turnout of several races elsewhere in the state and nation. Bill Flores (Congress 17th District of Texas), Marco Rubio (Senator – Florida), Nikki Haley (South Carolina – Governor), Rand Paul (Kentucky – Senator) and Ron Johnson (Wisconsin – Senator).

Now that the midterm elections are finished, I am looking forward to see what will happen. I’m hoping that my biggest concerns (and I know they belong to many others as well) will be attended to: 1) Helping the economy and creating jobs (in the private sector, NOT government jobs!), 2) Cutting spending and doing something to eliminate the national debt, and 3) repealing the health care bill (AKA: Obamacare).

…I am SO looking forward to the 2012 election 🙂

New post with Halloween pics coming soon!!

Love and Peace,


Song of the Day: No Rain by Blind Melon


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