I *should* be working on a paper right now.

Paper Schmaper

How did this happen? For some reason, this semester all of my tests, papers, projects, anxieties, etc. have been falling on the same week. I have until Wednesday to finish a 8-10 page research paper for my International Relations class about the possibility of a global government. Yes, I have gotten started and written a bit of it so far. However I feel in over my head. In these past few days, I have been helping keep Starbucks, Jupiter House, and Big Mike’s in business. Caffiene has been coursing through my veins, I have been searching the web like mad, practically typing my fingers off, and yet I still have little faith in this stupid &*^%#$%$& International Relations paper.   Aaaagggghhhhhh…

Ok, I’m finished whining 😛

I think.

All Hallow’s Eve

It’s been a while since Halloween, but I’ve been meaning to post the pics of Tyler and I in our costumes. Here are some:

We were George and Martha Washington.

Tyler is a premium dancer.



I had a dream last night that I owned a kitten. Now I really want one. I don’t consider myself a “cat” or “dog” person; I really like animals in general. During the span of growing up, my family had three cats; two of which I loved dearly (one was mean), and all of which met tragic ends (feline AIDS – yes, there is such a thing – running away, and car accident). I am determined to own a cat for its entire lifespan, and preferably it will die of natural causes. I do not want to become a “crazy cat lady.”

I hope to one day make this a blog worth reading.

That is all.

Love and Peace,



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