12.08 & 23

Wednesday was my wonderful boyfriend Tyler’s birthday!

He wanted to eat at Avocado, a really good sushi place. He got a sushi roll called “Too Much Love,” which we have heard is awesome. I tried some of his and it was AMAZING. I got a BBQ roll that was tasty as well.

^I took this when he wasn’t paying attention, hehehe…

I got him a cake from the best bakery ever, Candy Haven.

Tyler’s roommate, neighbor, and I celebrated his birthday by watching “How I Met Your Mother,” which Tyler’s roommate got him the season 1 and season 2 DVD set of. His friends also got him a mini-keg and a cigar. So I think it’s safe to say that Tyler had a pretty good birthday, since it consisted of: friends, girlfriend, sushi, cake, How I Met Your Mother, beer, and cigars.

Tyler, I hope your 23rd year is your best one yet 🙂


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