Because it’s not Christmas without a chalk mural

A tweet from myself earlier:

Today so far: blueberry muffin, “greatest freakout ever”, car wash, and CHALK MURAL. now to bake some cookies.

I want to elaborate on each of these elements of my day.

1) Blueberry muffin


My best friend, Abby, and I love this restaurant called Mimi’s and always go for breakfast whenever both of us are in town. We went this morning and it was just what I needed. The food at Mimi’s is addictive…the cooks must sprinkle crack onto it before it’s served! haha. I got a latte, oatmeal, and a blueberry muffin. The muffin was GREAT.

2) “Greatest Freak Out Ever”

Later, Abby and I went to her place and took part in America’s favorite past-time: watching YouTube videos. She showed me this really cool video made by the Today Show. Seeing the many crew members that work on the Today Show gave me hope that maybe I’ll be able to find a job in media and do something with my RTVF degree. I thought it was cool that Jenna Bush is at 1:45.

Abby introduced me to the “Greatest Freak Out Ever” videos, which are borderline funny/sad/concerning…if they are real, anyway. We watched the Christmas one, and I kind of hope that it is fake…

3) Car Wash

According to Tyler, the trunk of my car looked as if a tornado had blown through it. The outside of my car was encased in dust. Inside and out, my car was pretty messy. So today I CLEANED it for the first time since I can remember. I feel accomplished.

4) Chalk Mural

When my dad got home from work this afternoon, he informed my siblings and I that he had a “project” he wanted us to work on today. Knowing my dad, I figured that the “project” he was thinking of was probably some sort of house work, yard work, etc. Instead, he surprised us by saying that he wanted to draw a chalk mural by our neighborhood’s mailboxes.

We were going to draw the mural of Santa Clause in an oblong-shape that required the viewer to stand directly in front of it to view it properly. This is hard to explain; but the part of Santa toward the bottom was much smaller than the part at the top. If you looked at it straight-on, it looked normal; but if you looked at it from the sides or from behind it looked like a stretched-out Santa Clause.

I documented the project:

Our “canvas”: an 8’x10′ section of concrete by the mailboxes.

My dad and brother drew a grid to make the drawing easier.

A view from the opposite direction that the mural is supposed to be looked at. My brother and dad drawing, my sister watching.

The mail carriers came and had to make use of the space that we were drawing Santa on. We had to take an intermission while we waited for them to stuff the mailboxes. It was ok, though…there was a children’s park nearby, and my brother had fun swinging upside down on the swingset.

The finished product!!

5) Baking cookies

I’ve decided to save my baking story for the next post. Which I will probably write later tonight when I cannot sleep.

Peace and Love,


Song of the Day: Exit Music (For a Film) by Radiohead


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