Thoughts about Saturday

I don’t know where to begin in adressing the Tuscon shooting on Saturday.

Sunday morning, I sat in church with my family and boyfriend. During the “Prayers of the People” part of the Episcopal service, specific people are mentioned for prayer.

“Lord, we commend to your mercy all who have died; that your will for them may be fulfilled. We pray especially for the souls of the victims of yesterday’s shooting in Tuscon; and we pray especially that we may share with all your saints in your eternal kingdom. Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayer.”

There’s nothing I could say that could fully articulate how I feel about Saturday’s events. I know that I can never understand what happened.

All the finger-pointing that has commenced, quite frankly, makes me sick; and not because most of it is fixated on Tea-partiers (whom I largely do not identify with, anyway). This issue is not about Sarah Palin or Glenn Beck. The blood of the six innocent citizens is on the hands of a deranged man who committed a heinous act of evil.

I suggest that everybody read this article.

I know that tribulation has been guaranteed to humankind since the fall of man. This kind of news, even though killings happen all the time, is never easy to endure. I always hear of terrible things happening, but major catastrophy has never touched my life personally. My life has never been turned upside down by a catastrophic event. I hope it never is. But even if it does, I never want to lose my faith.

I had to get that off my chest. Happier post coming soon.

Peace and Love,



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