The Social Network

Last night I went to a free screening of “The Social Network.” Here is what I took away from the film:

  • If you have an idea, e.g. “intellectual property,” that you think may turn you into a millionare (or better) do whatever you can to turn that idea into reality. Use whatever means necessary, no matter how many people you have to trample over or friends you have to betray.
  • If someone starts being a pretentious, condescending d*uchebag toward you, the only proper way to respond is to try to one-up them in being a pretentious, consescending d*uchebag jerk (excuse my language).
  • If you are rich and successful, girls will throw themselves at you…sometimes in the stall of a public restroom. Classy. (Actually, this may be true, but the kinds of girls who are going to throw themselves at you are the ones whom you would probably catch something from).
  • Wealth and success trumps everything else in life.

This was a good, well-made film. It had great acting, a great screenplay, a great soundtrack, etc. However I did not enjoy this film. In my opinion, it embodies everything that I dislike about my generation.


Perhaps I am being a Downer, but whatever.

Did you see “The Social Network”? What were your thoughts?

Peace and Love,



One thought on “The Social Network

  1. I love it that you did not like this movie. I did like it and I saw it because I had watched the Golden Globes the night before and was curious about it.

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