“There’s an election in 2012…you know that, right?”

At my “Mass Communication and Society” class this morning, my professor asked our class who we thought would be the Republican presidential nominee in ’12.

The asking of this question commenced the chirping of crickets in the lyceum.

(And yes, I’m still beating myself up about the fact that as a Republican political nerd, I was too intimidated by the huge number of people in the room to raise my hand and call out “Mitt Romney!” or something)

My professor then broke the silence by saying, “There’s an election in 2012…you know that, right?”

Several people then began murmuring “Sarah Palin.”

I shuddered.

“Sarah Palin! That’s right! And you all probably said that because of how prominent she is in the media!” My professor said. Then he asked, “Who here knows who Tim Pawlenty is?”

There was a good chance that I was the only person in the room who knew who this man was…and I had seen him give a speech at CPAC last year to boot. I meekly raised my hand, probably in the same manner that the SNL cast members depict students in Jerry Seinfeld’s SNL teacher skit.

“Ok, so two of you know of him.” The professor points at me, “Who is he?”

My mind blanks. “He’s the governor of…Indiana?”

“Governor of Minnesota. Close! Anyway, he’s a possible Republican nominee for 2012…”

OKAY, so I’m not the best at impromptu speaking. Hardly. BUT, I learned this morning that conservatives need to rev up their PR for the election in ’12. Especially among the young’uns.

One of my friends wrote an op-ed piece that appeared in the NT Daily today in which he claims that there is no “Republican Superstar” that stands out as a probable GOP nominee.

Here’s my two cents: It’s early, but someone needs to stand out, offer conservative perspectives, and get noticed.

Here are my picks for the Republican nominee in 2012 (in no particular order, subject to change):

1. Mitt Romney

2. John Bolton

3. Tim Pawlenty

My pick for 2016:

1. Paul Ryan

Lesson of the day #2: I need to be more outspoken (story of my life).

What are your thoughts on the 2012 election?

Peace and Love,


Song of the Day: King of the Beach by Wavves


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