Type-A Ann

Sorry if I sound whiney and annoying in this post. Usually, I always diligently try to not complain about ANYTHING. There are few things that I can’t stand more than a whiner.

Suck it up, people.

That being said, I’m probably about to make myself seem like a hypocrite.

Maybe it’s because it’s almost the end of Spring Break, and I’m ready to go back to Denton. BUT I feel like saying a few things…because I am concerned at the moment…

I have perpetually been in school, taking classes, since August 2009. Not that long, but just long enough to develop something of a Type-A/Workaholic attitude. I am used to always having something to work on or do. So when I have a break that involves a week or more of free time, I start to lose it.

I took classes and worked last summer. And you know what? I didn’t miss my vacation. In fact, had I not worked or gone to school, I probably would have missed working and going to school! What a square I am, right?

I currently have no plans for the summer. None whatsoever.

And I’m kind of freaking out about it.

My parents want me to come home for the summer. Understandable; they graciously let me stay up in Denton last summer and hadn’t really been planning on me doing that. I’m still thankful for that.

My dad does not want me to take classes this summer. He doesn’t want me to get burnt out on school. Again, I understand. My dad is a bit of a Type-A himself so I figure I should take it from him on this.

Besides, after this semester, all of my core classes will be completed (providing that I pass everything…which I am planning on doing!). So…what could I take at Austin Community College during the summer? Maybe I’m just being picky, but I’d prefer not to take my major-related classes at ACC. And ACC only offers 3 Journalism classes anyway, and I’m not sure if they would transfer. However it’s not like any of this matters, because even if I did find a class that I wanted to take at ACC, my dad wouldn’t go for it. & I don’t have the money to pay for my own tuition and everything that comes along with being a student; like books and gas for driving to campus.

I looked into a few internships. The ones I have tried to obtain thus far have not worked out. Either I’ve missed the deadline to apply (because until recently I’ve been under the impression that I’d be in Italy this summer), or I haven’t had enough experience to be qualified. No biggie. Currently, I’m thinking that I should get a job somewhere. Somewhere that will hire me only for the summer…

My boyfriend will either be spending his summer in North Richland Hills or Denton. ‘Nuff said.

I want to travel but don’t know where I would go, who I would go with, or if I could even afford to go anywhere.

Whenever I don’t know what to do, I usually either: read a book/magazine, browse Netflix for something to watch, or work out. I’ve been doing a lot of those things this week. And you know what I’ve realized? I’m tired of learning about things by reading about them or watching them on TV/my computer. I’d rather experience things myself than read about or watch someone else’s experience. I enjoy admiring other people’s work, but I’m ready to produce work of my own now.

I’m tired of thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool to…?” While I do nothing.

SO, the job search is on.

And if I can’t find a job, or ANYTHING to do, then I guess I’ll just have to learn to suck it up and be bored.

That’s my rant. I know that I have pretty much no place to complain about anything, ever. But I just felt like saying these things because they’ve been on my mind so much recently.

Next time I blog, I won’t be complaining. Or I’ll keep the complaints to a minimum 😉

Peace and Love,


Song of the Day: “The Word ‘Hurricane'” by AIR


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