OH HAI Summer

[My sister(left) and I(right)]

(to “get” what I am referencing in the title of this blog post, please watch THIS video and/or go see “The Room“)

Spring semester is OVER and I am…back in school! Yes, I am taking summer classes. ANTH 3101 (online class, interesting thus far), and MATH 1681, AKA: Statistics. Stats doesn’t start until June 6th.

Here’s what’s going on with me this summer:

  • I am a staff writer for “On The Record,” which is a magazine associated with the AWESOME student newspaper, the NT Daily. I am currently have four stories assigned to me for the first issue, which will come out mid-June. This issue is the food issue. It will be all about where and what to eat in Denton, info about on-campus food, reviews, recipes, and more. I am determined to make my stories as informative, relevant, and as reader-attracting as possible!! Nobody likes a bland article.
  • I am also writing regular news stories for the NT Daily website (they don’t have to be food-related; anything goes). I will be coming up with weekly ideas. However, if there is a story that YOU would like to see covered, send it to me!! I am always open to story ideas 🙂
  • My “little” brother (he’s, like, 6′) will be graduating high school this weekend. This fall, he will be a UT Longhorn, and even got accepted into the Cockrell School of Engineering! I am very proud of him. Expect a blog post about his graduation festivities.
  • I have obtained a one-day pass to Sunday of the ACL Fest. Technically not a summer happening, as ACL Fest is in September. Still, I’m super-excited. I cannot wait to see Fleet Foxes and Arcade Fire.
  • I recently cooked some pretty awesome stuff. The first of which being “New Classic Meatloaf,” from the Food Network’s Ellie Krieger. As a side, I made some nutty lemon brussel sprouts.
  • After tweeting about my successful cooking experience, Ellie Krieger even tweeted back to me:
  • For dessert, I had a brownie sundae, made with brownies that I cooked myself from another Ellie Krieger recipe. The only way it could have been better is if I had churned the ice cream myself, true Martha Stewart style 😉
  • I’m probably going to sign up for a boot camp at the UNT rec center. My fitness goals include losing body fat, building muscle, building up my endurance, and getting toned!! I would like to get a new pair of sneakers pretty soon. I’ve had my current ones for about two years and some of the rubber on the sole is falling off! Hah. Well, my birthday is in less than one month 😉
  • SPEAKING of my birthday, I am definitely asking for this Cookie Cake Pie:
Cookie Cake Pie
Cookie Cake Pie
Read the blog entry that includes the recipe for this delicious-sounding treat here.
Writing, reading, cooking, baking, running, and shredding. Those are what’s on my agenda for this summer.
What are your summer plans?
Peace and Love,
Song of the Day: Summertime by Sublime (Probably my favorite song that is about summer)

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