30 Days of Blogging! – Days 1 & 2

Hello all!

A lot has been going on with my life recently, and I will write the details in another post.

In THIS post, I am going to begin the 30-Day Blog Challenge! Since yesterday was the first and today is the second, I am going to do the first two challenges today so that the rest of the challenges align with the day of the month. For simplicity’s sake.

I got the idea from Mandy’s blog. I got to meet her and several other Dallas-area bloggers last night at a blogger meetup! Again, details in the next post 😉

Challenge time!

Day 01 – Your current relationship

I am in a relationship with an awesome guy named Tyler. As of today, we have been together for one year and one month. I wrote about our one-year anniversary here.

Tyler and I met in UNT’s College Republicans organization during the fall of 2009. We started talking, he invited me to church, we started hanging out a lot. Then, he formally asked me to be his girlfriend at the 2009 College Republican end-of-year party. The rest is history 😉

I guess you could say he blinded me with political science. Wow. THAT was nerdy.

We are a pretty nerdy couple.

First pic of us together, at the party where we got together. That would be the OTHER Tyler in the background! Apparently, he is making his “I am angry and need more beer” face!

Us in July of 2010, when we met former House Majority Leader Dick Armey.

At a 2010 Halloween party. We were a 1776 couple.

At the Lincoln-Reagan Day 2011 dinner, which I blogged about here.

Tyler is my best friend. He’s one of the few people that I feel I can truly be myself around. He has seen me at my worst (as far as I know), and also brings out the best in me. I am hoping that we stay together for a long time.

No matter what happens down the road, the “For Good” song from Wicked definitely applies to our relationship.

Sorry if all of that was obnoxiously cheesy 😛

Day 02 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years

On June 2, 2021, I will be 11 days away from turning 30. Ideally, I would like to…

  • Have a stable job, hopefully writing articles for a news publication. Or, producing the news at either a radio station or a television station.
  • Have started on a book. Maybe even have a book published. Big dreams, yes! I am very inspired by creative nonfiction books, such as the books of Sarah Vowell and Sloane Crosley. My goal is to write a book that is a compilation of short stories that are creative nonfiction works.
  • Be in a good place with my relationship with God.
  • Be married? I don’t know. If it’s meant to be, then it will happen. I don’t want to be married just for the sake of being married.
  • Have a child? I don’t want to start having kids until my late 20s, early 30s. And I don’t want to have any children if I’m not married (I definitely don’t have the energy to do the whole thing solo, a la Tina Fey in “Baby Mama”).
  • Be running! Hopefully I will keep running throughout the next 10 years. I would love to do a triathlon one day. Maybe I will have done one (or more!) by the time I’m 30.
I’m excited about posting every day! 🙂
Peace and Love,
Song of the Day: Alright by Supergrass

One thought on “30 Days of Blogging! – Days 1 & 2

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out! So nice to meet you last night! I’m excited that someone else is just starting the 30-Day blog challenge, too. You and Tyler are such a cute couple!

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