Photos of what I have been up to

Congratulations, broseph!

On Saturday, May 28, my little brother officially graduated from high school.

He graduated number 20 out of 750+ of his classmates! In the fall, he will be attending the University of Texas at Austin and will be majoring in engineering. I’m so proud of him!


Later in the afternoon, I attended a pro-choice rally in Austin so that I could write an article about it for the NT Daily’s website. Read the article at this link: Denton activists walk for choice in Austin.

I also took my own photos:

What are my views on abortion? I have them, but as a journalist I must remain neutral.

If you know me, you know that I’m a libertarian-leaning Republican. Make your own inferences from that 😉

I was originally going to come home on Sunday. But my homecoming was postponed because I came down with a wicked-bad sinus infection. I made sure to get back to “the little D” in time for the…

Dallas-area blogger meetup.

[photo courtesy of Heather]

We went to Mr. Chopsticks and then Yogurt Story. It was great meeting all of these lovely fellow bloggers!

Now, it is back to the daily grind. School, studying, working out,  and all that jazz. The next bit of “excitement” in my life will be my 20th birthday, which is the 13th of this month.

Thanks for reading!

Peace and Love,


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