Goodbye, teen angst!

On June 13, I turned 20.

June 13 landed on a Monday this year (boo!). The Friday before my birthday, I went home so that I could celebrate my birthday with my family and best friend that weekend. I brought Tyler, too.

Friday night, my best friend Abby, Tyler, and I hung out in Austin. We went to Halcyon, an awesome coffee bar and lounge. After that, we went to the Kasbah, a hookah lounge.

I got a Vietnamese iced coffee. It was really good. Vietnamese iced coffee is a bit stronger than the usual iced coffee one would order at Starbucks.

S’MORES, flame and all!! ‘Nuff said.

Abby, Tyler, and I at Kasbah.

The next day, I opened my presents, and……..

…was really surprised by my gift! I’m a Mac now! 😀

Then, we all headed to The Oasis. One of the BEST restaurants EVER.

I ordered the enchiladas:

During our meal, we watched the sun set over Lake Travis.

My dad accidentally left my cake in the car. But, our waiter was nice enough to give us…

…some sopapillas and Mexican ice cream on the house!

But I saved some room for *some* of my actual birthday cake. Once we got back to my house, I blew out my candles.

It wasn’t just any cake.

It was a cookie cake pie – recipe here.


Then it was time for night two in Austin. Tyler, Abby, Abby’s boyfriend Rodney, my brother Thomas, and I went to Kasbah and then Halcyon…both places, yet again.

Great people. Great food. Great city. Great fun. It was a great birthday 🙂

Peace and Love,

Song of the Day: Storytelling by Belle and Sebastian


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