Three Days in The Big Easy

I spent June 17 – 19 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Trust me, it was a much-needed break from my daily grind and my stay there was not nearly long enough.

I went with some friends from College Republicans and Tyler, my BOYFRAANNNNN (but you already knew that. I felt like saying it obnoxiously). Technically, we were there with the Jon Huntsman for President campaign (check out the campaign’s sweet website) for the Republican Leadership Conference.

…But, how often do you get to go to NOLA? For us, not very often. We decided to walk around the city and take it in for the greater portion of our visit.

Here are some pics I took,

The altar at the BEAUTIFUL Saint Louis Cathedral. It was built in 1793.

Me on St. Ann street in the French Quarter.

I love this unique style of architecture.

I think weeping willows are pretty.

These beignets from Café du Monde pretty much made the trip. The coffee was good too.

An awesome boutique in the French Quarter called Langford Market that I know my roommate, Bonnie, would have loved. Had I had more money, I would have made some clothing purchases, without a doubt.

Great meal at a restaurant called Mulate’s: blackened gator, baked potato with cheese and chives, and some vegetables.

I got a book signed by Bobby Jindal himself! Well, his aides gave it to me for free, along with everyone else leaving his “Bayou Bash.” I only saw him from across the room.

I’d like to go back to NOLA in one year. It would be good to go back one year from now because:

  • there is SO MUCH that I did not get to do that I would love to! Three days just isn’t enough time. I’d like to go on a carriage ride, go on a cemetery/ghost tour, go to the Louisiana state history museum, find where “The Real World: New Orleans” house was (don’t judge :P), and much more.
  • did I mention that I will be 21 in one year? That pretty much speaks for itself.
So who wants to go to New Orleans with me in summer 2012? 🙂
Peace and Love,
Song of the Day: Birds Fly Away by Theresa Andersson – she lives in New Orleans and I would love to attend a show of hers sometime.

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