Fitness Update

The month of June was a delicious month. I celebrated my brother’s graduation, my birthday, and a trip to New Orleans. And with celebrations, good food usually follows.

And I discovered some delicious new restaurants. Such as Loco Cafe; where the coffee, migas, and biscuits are the bomb-dot-com.

And let’s not forget In-N-Out Burger’s new Frisco location. I went there with some friends last week.

So yes. I ate my way through the delicious month of June, and as a result of indulging AND not working out, I gained 7 pounds. Not *that* big of a deal; it just means I have some work to do.

Enter – SUCH a good website. Today I started Chris Freytag’s 10-pound silm-down exercise plan. It feels good to be active again.

I don’t want to get obsessed with my weight or how I look. I’ve done that before and it left me pretty miserable – I was holding myself to unrealistic expectations, and just getting disappointed. It seems that my tendency is to go a couple weeks of being really good with working out, and then going straight into another couple weeks of not working out at all. Every time that happens, I feel so discouraged when I have to get back on the exercise train again. I feel like I’m back to square one.

I guess I’m blogging about it on here to hold myself accountable. I started this 30-day workout plan, and now I’m going to finish it. Maybe I’ll even do it again next month.

Peace and Love,

Song of the Day: Infinity Guitars by Sleigh Bells


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