How You Hope Your Future Will Be

I’m picking up where I left off in the 30-Day Blogging Challenge. Today is Day 9.

Day 09 – How You Hope Your Future Will Be

Yesterday, I retweeted a tweet that sums up my views about the future perfectly:

SarahHolmanJ: Fear: I’ll waste the gifts talents & advantages I’ve been given. Dream: I’ll help create an earth that looks more like heaven #FearsVsDreams

I want for my future what most people want: faith, happiness, good relationships, health, a successful career, etc.

But, above everything else, I want to know that I have been using my talents to serve others in the best way possible.

There is a great poem called The Dash. I first heard it in the valedictorian speech at my brother’s graduation. You can read it here.

What do you think about the future?

Peace and Love,


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