Oh Hai Free Time

HELLO BLOGOSPHERE! I’ve missed you.

This month of August has consisted of: wrapping up my stats class with a project and final exam and all that fun stuff (which I passed BTW!), trying to make my deadlines for NT Daily articles, moving to a condo (it is AWESOME), cleaning/furnishing the condo, fixing my schedule for the fall semester (it got screwed up; long story), beginning the fall semester, and, um…trying to keep my sanity.

I’d say I did a pretty good job at keeping my **** together, except for not getting sleep and not exercising. Both of which I plan on fixing ASAP.

I may not have blogged, but I thought about my blog a lot. And cultivated some ideas.

The Photo Thing

There was a time when I had a really good digital camera. I took it with me practically everywhere and snapped a million photos that I would post on my MySpace and Xanga page (mind you, this was 2005). Unfortunately, that camera broke around my junior year of high school. And my photography has been pretty scant since.

I have a point-and-shoot that is broken beyond repair. RIP. I also have an SLR that is wonderful, but not very portable. I happen to be the queen of losing USB cords, so with my old laptop I would just put the memory card into the card reader. My new MacBook has no such card reader.

I am tired of finding pics on other websites and putting them on here. Not cool.

So my goal is to save up for a good point-and-shoot that I can use to take a plethora of photos for my blog. I’ll hold tight to my USB cord and make sure it doesn’t escape into oblivion (SRSLY, I have lost at least three so far…where do they go?!)

I’m thinking of getting this bad boy.

Video: yea or nay?

What if I posted a video of myself talking? You know, a vlog. Would that be cool, or…awkward?

Several bloggers I follow vlog every now and then, such as Rachel Getting It and Julie Borowski. They do a great job.

I could just see myself posting a video of me going “OHAIMYNAMEISANNIDKWHATTOSAYLOL…”

Plus, I haven’t exactly figured out everything on my new MacBook, including how to take video from the webcam. So as soon as I improve my awkwardness and my Mac-savvyness, you *may* see a vlog on here 😀

Political Blog

I like keeping up with politics and am a Poli Sci minor. I want to write about politics as a career. I have considered writing my political musings on this blog, but have decided against it because political posts may turn people off. So, I’m seriously considering starting a political blog. Actually, plan on me doing this. I need to start on political writing so I can develop a style, become familiar with the lingo, etc. This will be especially enjoyable with the elections of November ’12 coming up!!

If anyone reading this enjoys political blogs, political conversation, or anything else related to politics, HOLLA ATCHA GURRRLLL!!!


I would be a professional blogger if I could be. That would be awesome.


Peace and Love,

Song of the Day: Eclectic Prawn by Dumbo Gets Mad


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