Meet Capricorn, the new roommate in my apartment.

She is my roommate, Rebecca’s kitten.

Growing up, my family only had outdoor cats. But we have had our dogs for longer.

These are lessons I have learned from being the parent of an indoor kitten for the past few weeks:

  • Cats are extremely mobile – When I’m sitting in the living room, Capricorn can, without warning, climb her way onto my shoulder. Or when she’s in my room, she’ll hop onto the top of my bookshelf. I cannot take my eyes off her, because she’ll find her way to climb onto a high place or squeeze into a very small space. DOGS DO NOT DO THIS.


  • When cats get mad, they tear things up – One time I put Capricorn in my roommate’s room. When I came back, she had thrown a lot of the litter out of her litter box. Another time, she tore up a garbage bag. Apparently, cats do these types of things when they get mad.
  • Kittens want to be the center of attention – I said before that I cannot take my eyes of off Capricorn. Part of the reason for that is that SHE WON’T LET ME. Look at what she did while I was trying to work on homework last week:

She perched herself on my shoulder to get my attention. She has also sat herself on my keyboard before, too.

  • The simplest things keep cats occupied – I guess this can apply to dogs, too. I think this video illustrates what I mean perfectly:
  • Kittens like to read – Well, sort of.


  • But most of all, kittens are forces to be reckoned with!! – This one is, at least 😉

Peace, Love and Liberty (and purrs),



One thought on “KITTEN FEVER.

  1. Its funny that you posted this because the whole time I’m thinking…hey, my dog does that! He is a chihuahua so he is small (6 lbs) and always needs attention and will not hesitate to make me stop reading a book or using my laptop. ha!

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