I’ve officially been on summer break for one week. This is my first summer since college started that I’m not taking classes and that I’ll be staying at home. After perpetually being in class for about three years with no significant breaks, this is a big relief.

This is always my summer theme song:

  • A week ago, my boyfriend Tyler GRADUATED! He earned two bachelors degrees: a BA in history and a BS in economics with a minor in political science.

Tyler now works for the political consulting firm NASICA, but is looking for a job more closely related to economics. He also wants to go to grad school at some point.

  • Last Friday, I got sick, and it got worse after I went home. I think finals week really took its toll on me – I pulled three all-nighters; and on the nights I DID manage to sleep, I didn’t sleep very well. It was worth it because I received great grades on all of my finals. But man, did those A’s come with a price! On Monday I went to the doctor and was able to get some Amoxicillin, which works WONDERS.
  • My big goal for the summer is to get healthy. I’d love to lose 15 lbs. by the time school starts, but I’m not going to be very strict with that exact number. I’ve found a gym close to my house that my parents have graciously agreed to buy me a membership to. My dad gets a 50% discount through his work, so that’s a major plus!
  • In one week, my family + Tyler will be leaving for a vacation to Memphis, TN! I’ve never been there so I’m pretty excited.
  • I applied to go to a leadership conference in July that will be in Washington, D.C. I’m REALLY hoping I get accepted.
  • I installed software on my laptop that blocks Facebook (you can get it here), so obviously I have been spending much less time on Facebook. It’s been pretty nice taking a break from it.
  • I want to create a political blog. For the past few days I’ve been trying to come up with a clever name for it.
  • My 21st birthday is in 25 days!!

That’s it for now.

Peace, Love and Liberty,



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