10 steps to minimalism – week 1

As a way to manage stress, live frugally and be less materialistic, among other reasons, I have decided to move toward living a life of minimalism. I’ve decided to slowly make the transition using tips found on the blog that got me interested in minimalism, The Everyday Minimalist. The blog has a “10 steps to minimalism” guide to help people begin applying minimalist principles to their life. I’ve decided to take it on and tackle one step each week. So, this is week one!

1. Decide on an area you’d like to improve upon and set an achievable goal

This area for me is my room. It attracts clutter like nothing else in my life. Instead of keeping my room clean on a regular basis, I have a vicious cycle: I let random objects, mess and clutter gradually build up in my room, until one day the chaos becomes unbearable and I am pretty much forced to clean my room in order to maintain my sanity.


Why is this frustrating?

I think it’s obvious.

  • It makes walking through my room a chore, because I have to step over books/magazines/papers/piles of clothes/bags/anything else that has made its way to my bedroom floor.
  • It slows down my morning routine because I have to dig through my clothes for a specific item.
  • It makes the task of finding simple objects like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not too long ago, one of my roommates asked if I had a couple of pushpins she could borrow. I replied, “I have pushpins somewhere…you can borrow some if I can find them!”

Solutions – to be done sometime this week:

  • Throw away objects I don’t use. Recycle random papers and magazines.
  • Go through my closet and find items to throw away/give away based on this criteria.
  • Go through my possessions – books, DVDs, etc. – and figure out what I want to keep and what I want to give away. About three years ago, I went through this phase where I wanted to own every one of my favorite movies and TV shows on DVD. I don’t know what brought this about, because I’ve never been the kind of person who loves to watch their favorite movies over and over again. Now I have a pretty big DVD collection that takes up space in my closet. I think it’s time to take these to Recycled Books, along with books I don’t read.
  • Think of my room as a living space, not a storage closet! I need to stop absent-mindedly throwing things in my room instead of putting things in their proper place or making a proper place for them. For example, I have a desk, but I don’t actually do work on it because there is so much crap piled on it!!

Of course, these items will extend past this week…I’m not going to simplify my room this week only, and then never do it again. This will just help me get the ball rolling on applying these principles regularly.

Peace, Love and Liberty,